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The Avatar Project is a beautiful collection of handcrafted avatars by two of the world's most incredible advertising gurus. Each piece combines the very best generative traits available to create unique online identities for those exploring the broader metaverse. The Avatar Project's unique compression algorithm allows collectors and community members to show their true colors without the cumbersome system performance that comes with visual art.




Robek invented NFTs in 1998 while downloading Japanese Dragon Ball Z art from Geocities on a brand new 56k modem. He developed a protocol where he would spend phone line minutes to print the art and put into binders to share on the bus. Robek now works at bitcoin.



Adman by day, culture frontier explorer by night. Draper has worked on some of the world's biggest brands, winning many shiny metal awards. However he plans to one day leave the shallow world of advertising behind and plunge into the murky depths of the metaverse for good. 

Dropping 06/26/21

The. (Generative).

No troublesome art.  No mint roulette. No supply cap. 

Just the traits you really want. Welcome to the last word in generative avatar projects.

This is a conceptual NFT project whose seriousness is in the eye of the beholder. 

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